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The latest version of the CartonCloud mobile application: 







Picking 2.0 Updates

Our recent mobile app releases have brought with them a raft of further enhancements to our ‘Picking 2.0’ feature released late last year. These further enhancements made since version 5.0, are designed to make the picking process even more efficient, accurate, and user-friendly

  • Product Codes added to item info: The first updates we made were to how we were displaying some of the items' information during the picking process. Alongside the Product Name, you will now also be able to see the Product code. This will help pickers ensure they are always picking the correct items.

Picking 2.0 B.png
  • Recommended Pick Optimisations: We have also updated the order in which we show the Recommended Pick information. Now, the largest units will always show first. This allows the pickers to pick either Pallets before cartons, or cartons before units, to make up an order - a logical improvement to the picking process.

  • Better Pallet Barcode Visibility: Following the recently released End-to-End Pallet Handling Revamp we are starting to display Pallet Barcode in more places throughout Picking 2.0. With this release, if a stock item allocated to an order has a Pallet Barcode assigned to it, the Pallet barcode will now display in the Item Details card at the top of the screen.

Picking 2.0 A.png

We have also made some changes to help increase the speed at which pickers are able to work through an order:

  • Faster Order (Task) Initiation: When viewing a task that has yet to be started, rather than having to tap the Start Task button, Packers can now either scan or tap one of the items in the order and the task will be started automatically.

  • Simplified Picking Process for Single Product Orders: Additionally, if the packer scans a barcode that matches the required quantity and only a single product within the order, the item will now be marked as picked without needing to go through any other screens or additional steps. If the product has any required fields the picker will first be taken to the Verify/Capture screen to complete the required fields before the item is marked as picked.

Keep an eye out for further enhancements being made to the new Picking mode as we continue to add more functionality!

With this release, CartonCloud is announcing improvements to the purchase order history functionality! Now, you will be able to see logs when products are removed from your purchase orders, and when products are added. 

Since these History entries have the potential to be numerous, we’re introducing a "Show Product Creations/Removals" checkbox to toggle the visibility of these History entries. This checkbox is off by default, giving you the control to tailor your history log visibility to your preferences, making it easier to focus on the information that matters most to you. 


This update brings greater transparency to your inventory management processes, ensuring you have a comprehensive view of all changes made to your orders.

For more information on how to utilize these new features, please visit our Knowledge Base.

CartonCloud is launching its brand-new Self-managed Integrations feature - offering you the ability to quickly and easily integrate your CartonCloud tenancy with external platforms, without the need for our direct help!

You will now have the ability to establish new integrations for common workflows independently; configure and authenticate them for each of your customers; and then self-monitor your logs or retry any errors if they pop up.

Starting with importing Xero Invoices into CartonCloud as Sale Orders, we have designed a number of best-practice use cases with the help of our expert Integrations and Implementations teams to allow you to promise customers with common integrations workflows a rapid onboarding process and quick integrations connections.


From there we will be designing and introducing workflows to connect to other common platforms - think other eCommerce platforms, shipping aggregators, and more.

Whilst this process is straightforward, rest assured we have provided all the necessary documentation you will need to utilize this new platform to its full potential.

Stay tuned for more Integrations functionality in the coming releases, and take a look at our blog post here!

With this release, we’re making it easier for you to create separate rates for new International shipping locations, by simplifying the way you add international locations to the Transport Zone Set and Transport Lane rules.

Now, if you want to begin shipping to a new country, you can easily include countries with just one entry, with just the Zone & Country populated - like so:


Previously, each new country would have had to be entered manually, down to the Suburb level.

Now, if no other match is found within the specified Transport Lane, the zone determination will still fall back and match based on the country. This update means less hassle and more efficiency in getting global shipments up and running, without having to configure complex Zone Sets and Transport Lanes.

For more details, visit our CartonCloud Help article on adding new Locations to Zone Sets, linked here, or for more assistance with this process, feel free to reach out to our Service Desk from the CartonCloud Help homepage

CartonCloud’s Stats Report feature, accessible via the Reports dropdown menu, previously provided users with a fixed, month-by-month summary of usage for the past 12 months.

With this feature release, we have added a user interface to the Stats Report to allow users to tailor this report to their own needs.

We have introduced a new week-by-week report type, as well as options to further refine:

  • Report Start Date,

  • Report End Date, and,

  • the columns which are included in the report.


For more information on the Stats report, please visit the CartonCloud Help article here

We are excited to announce we have now fully released our Last Month Split Billing features first mentioned here, previously in closed beta.

As a quick reminder, this update enhances the Split Month Billing option, allowing discounts for early-leaving stock in their final storage month.

All users can now apply Last Month discounts or combine First and Last Month discounts for more competitive pricing, without having to reach out to our Service Desk team to enable the functionality. These settings, adaptable for Per Pallet and Per Location billing methods, are configurable at both organization and customer levels

For more detailed info, please visit the original log post here

We're excited to announce new updates to the Sale Order report, making it more versatile and user-friendly.

Previously, there was only a Sale Order History status and Pack Date filter. This meant that in some cases, reports could be inaccurate, as orders packed within the selected date range may have been packed and dispatched at different times. Now, you can filter orders by the actual 'Dispatched Date' and enjoy clarity with a dedicated column for this information.

We’ve also added the ability to customize your report views with new templates and configurable columns, tailored to your specific needs.

Please note: we have not removed the tickboxes for Delivery Instructions, Packing Instructions, and Comments - these have simply been moved into the column selector with the other data for consistency, and so users have the ability to save those columns to the template.

For more information on this report, view the Knowledge Base article here, or alternatively, here if you are a customer.

With this update, we have made the Notification Bell New Message alert flash when you have new unread messages. We use the Notification Bell to communicate important updates, give you information on New Features we have released and also let you know when large reports are available for download.

To access the new features please update your CartonCloud mobile app to version 5.0.0 or higher.

This major feature release delivers intelligent and enhanced end-to-end unique reference (serial) handling, allowing you to achieve the ultimate accuracy and accountability in your operations.

Now you will have the ability to track serial numbers (or other unique references) end-to-end within CartonCloud, recording them at the point of receival (or having them specified on PO imports), grouping them together on pallets to quickly and easily move them between locations, and then scanning serials out as they’re shipped.

  • Rapid Capture Serials on Inbound: Quickly record serial numbers on inbound. New workflow within Purchase Orders allows for easy splitting of products into pallet groupings and rapid capture of serial numbers per pallet.

  • Reallocation/Stock Substitution in Task Picking: As CartonCloud assigns specific stock (specific serial numbers) to each order, this could make it challenging for pickers to find the specified serial number. Through the new “Task Picking” mode, we’ve introduced reallocation, which, if enabled, allows the picker to pick and scan an alternative serial number, and CartonCloud will automatically switch which stock is allocated to the order.

To access the new features please update your CartonCloud mobile app to version 5.0.0 or higher.

For more info on this and the other recent mobile updates, visit the new knowledge base article here.

To access the new features please update your CartonCloud mobile app to version 5.0.0 or higher.

This major update brings end-to-end pallet handling. This new feature and workflow provides a new way in which Pallets are handled throughout CartonCloud's WMS, making it much easier to use pallet barcodes from receiving to locating, and picking

  • Pallet Barcodes retained in Single Pallet Locations: To allow pallet barcodes to be used throughout the warehouse, you will be able to retain pallet barcodes when stock is moved in and out of single pallet warehouse locations. This change simplifies inventory management and tracking, updating from the previous workflow where the pallet barcode/id would be removed.

  • Charge Single Pallet Locations multiple times: To enhance storage charging, you will soon be able to charge single pallet warehouse locations multiple times, based on the number of pallets contained within. This setting will be made available at both the organization and rate card levels.

  • Bulk Print Pallet Labels: This update will help optimize warehouse pick efficiency by reducing the time spent walking to and from barcode printers. With this update, pallet barcodes can be pre-printed in bulk from both the web and mobile apps, to be stored on forklifts or near work areas, and then assigned to stock as the stock arrives.

To access the new features please update your CartonCloud mobile app to version 5.0.0 or higher.

For more info on this and the other recent mobile updates, visit the new knowledge base article here.

To access the new features please update your CartonCloud mobile app to version 5.0.0 or higher.

This major mobile release adds several significant enhancements when picking, giving you intelligent order picking and allocation prompts for smarter picking, delivering smart grouping for faster order picking, allowing simple stock substitution, and providing greater ability in pallet barcode scanning.

  • Revised UI: Experience a smarter picking process with our updated user interface. Now, pickers can view recommended pick quantities, like choosing 5 cartons instead of 100 units, streamlining decision-making.

  • Order Assignment: Enhance warehouse coordination by assigning orders from the web app in bulk. Pickers now have the flexibility to filter tasks, start unassigned work, and even take over others' tasks when necessary.

  • Grouping Enhancement: Simplify and speed up your picking process. Group related orders for more efficient handling. In some cases, you can merge individual stock lines into a single line item for group picking.

  • Reallocation/Stock Substitution: If enabled, pickers can now substitute stock items, allowing for picking from alternative locations, pallets, or serial numbers. enabling management of serial numbers end-to-end.Pallet Scanning Feature: This update brings comprehensive pallet handling to the system. Scan or create barcodes for incoming stock, track serial codes from receipt to dispatch, and utilize pallet barcodes during picking.

For more info on this and the other recent mobile updates, visit the new knowledge base article here.

With this update, we’ve added a History view to the existing Fuel Levy page. Now, you can easily see who updated the fuel levy and when - with entries showing the modifier's name and the date of modification.


  • Each row shows a record with active status, start and end dates where applicable, and the fuel levy percentage.

  • For new changes, the 'Modified Date' and 'User' fields are populated, indicating who made the change and when.

  • Existing entries without a 'Modified Date' or 'User' are historical and predate this feature update.

Please note: Any historic entries will not be populated with the Modified Date or the user

For more information, visit our Knowledge Base article on Fuel Levies

With this release, we’re improving our Consignment Report feature to make viewing Grouped Consignment income more intuitive.

Parent consignments will now appear on the report with the aggregated income from the child consignments, and their child consignments will instead show $0 income.

For more information on the improved Consignment Report income item, please see the knowledge base article here

We’re updating our Address geocoding workflow with a new setting that offers an additional layer of control for users dealing with ambiguous or complex address locations - such as vacant lots or locations where the company does not permanently operate (like a building site).

Users now have the option to disable this new setting - Automatically select the best geocode result when multiple are found. This setting is found in Organisation Settings, under the Features & Options tab

When turned off, the system will no longer automatically select the top geocode result for an address with multiple matches. This allows users to handle the geocoding as they see fit, ensuring accuracy in address data and minimising delivery confusion.

Please note: this setting defaults to Enabled, which maintains the current system behaviour, where the system automatically chooses the most likely geocoded address when there are multiple possibilities.

For more information on this setting and other Address Configuration settings, please visit the Features & Options article within the CartonCloud Knowledge Base here.

Delve deeper into your charging data with the new Bulk Charges Report feature in CartonCloud. Administrators can now access this report from the Reports Menu, enabling them to:

  • Specify a date range for which to run the report, with options to filter by Created Date or Invoice Date.

  • Select one, multiple, or all customers for whom to run the report.

  • Extract a comprehensive report that encapsulates all charges associated with SOs, POs, Storage Periods, and more within the specified date range.

This feature provides a more granular view of your charges, facilitating better analysis and understanding of your business income so that you can minimise operating costs.

Upon execution, this report will generate in the background and be available to download via the notification bell in the top right of the CartonCloud interface. Note that, given the comprehensive nature of this report, it may take a while to generate, especially for larger datasets. You may also choose to run this report via the API - similar to how Stock on Hand reports are run.

For more information, visit the relevant knowledge base article here.

You can also access the relevant API documentation here.